The Nexus Network

The Nexus Network

The Nexus Network is a massively-parallelized proof network for executing and proving the Nexus zkVM.

Nexus Network v1.0.0 (opens in a new tab) is the current stable release, implementing the network component of the Nexus 1.0 (opens in a new tab) system.


The Nexus Network is currently in a prototype stage.

A Global Network

A world-scale zkVM supercomputer.

Nexus zkVM

The global Nexus Network is designed to run at over a trillion CPU cycles per second given enough computing power connected to it, creating a world-scale supercomputer with the capacity to prove many of the world's most important computations quickly and correctly.

Proving with Privacy and Reliability

Many practical applications have high requirements for privacy of data and trust in the compute infrastructure that handles it. The Nexus Network is also being designed to flexibly support configurations providing stronger privacy guarantees for the most critical application domains.

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