Nexus Roadmap

Nexus Roadmap

The Nexus zkVM and Nexus Network are both undergoing rapid development.

Contribute or follow along with the latest updates to the system on Github (opens in a new tab).

v1.0 to v2.0 to Beyond

This documentation is for the Nexus 1.0 system. Many improvements to individual components are incoming, to be featured in the Nexus 2.0 system and future upgrade cycles beyond. Expected improvements include:

  1. Prover: A new (family of) proof systems combining the latest theoretical developments in folding schemes and lookup arguments.
  2. Proof Compression: A second phase of proof compression, on top of the v1.0 O(log(n))O(log(n)) proof compression mechanism, which will bring the proof to O(log(log(n)))O(log(log(n))). That is, a proof of a proof of a proof.
  3. NVM: A revised NVM architecture, with a simpler ISA and a dedicated compiler toolchain with further prover-related compiler optimizations.
  4. Precompile System: A library of Nexus precompiles, with in-depth guides showing how to write precompiles in R1CS, Plonkish and AIR.
  5. Memory Checking: An upgraded memory checking mechanism that is exponentially more performant than Merkle Trees, based on permutation checks and instruction sorting.
  6. Modularized Compiler: A modularized compiler toolchain that will break the Nexus compiler into smaller tools, that developers can use and extend to add support for new ISAs and languages.
  7. Network: A globally deployed network that users can contribute compute to.